Model BY

Model BY

Model BY

Latest Model BY Best in Industry by Miziahoist, Mississauga, Canada.

Electric Chain Hoist Model BY

  • Modular and rugged chain hoist construction for easy service and maintenance
  • Meets or exceeds CSA, FEM and DIN standards
  • Proven electric motor with conical rotor and built-in brake with asbestos-free lining
  • Upper and lower limit switch
  • Mode of protection IP54 – protected against dust and splashing water
  • Complete Control Equipment “Schneider” with main contactor
  • Supply voltage 575V AC-60 Hz
  • Custom manufacturing options are available

Model BY

Electric Chain Hoist Model BY Diagram which can explain in detail.

Modern electric hoists include chain wheels or rope drums, using electricity for smooth performance. The first functionality of an electric hoist is to turn on the hoist motor, lift the load to a height, and trigger the trolley motor to move the weight.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Meets and exceeds ASME B30.7 standard
  • Testing and inspection certificate included


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