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Electric Hoist Canada: At Mizia Hoists we rise to the occasion with a strong inventory of lifting equipment that exceeds industry standards. From wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists to a selection of crane components, we customize lifting solutions for your construction, manufacturing, and crane building needs. Not only does our state-of-the-art equipment exceed industry standards, but it also requires low maintenance even under the most rigorous conditions. Whether you need to lift a half tonne or 50 tonnes, our durable and reliable European-made products will get the job done. We know that our customers demand cost-effective applications to make their prospects more competitive, and we meet that challenge with equipment that performs — we guarantee craftsmanship, reliability and durability. See for yourself — browse throughout our website, call for estimation of a new installation, or email us with general repair inquiry of existing Hoists. At Mizia Hoists, we are in business because you are.

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At Mizia Hoists, we rise to the occasion with our extensive inventory of high handling rate, cost-effective industrial lifting equipment. We customize our lift solutions for your business needs, from wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, to our selection of crane components. Our state-of-the-art equipment is low maintenance even under the most challenging conditions. It can be used as basic hoist units integrated into the worksite, components for a crane set, or other crane applications. Able to lift up to 50 tonnes, our reliable European-made hoists and cranes will get the job done. We know our customers are looking for cost-effective equipment that will perform on the day. For that reason, we stand by the craftsmanship, reliability, and durability of our machinery. See for yourself by browsing through our website or by calling us to get an estimate for a new install. You can also email us with general inquiries about repairing your existing hoists and cranes. At Mizia Hoists, we are in business because you are.

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Wire Rope Hoists

Overhead Wire Rope Hoists
Wire rope hoists can nimbly maneuver with a smaller footprint than other types of hoists. However, they are not as suited for heavy lifting in process duty applications. Process duty applications refer to high-performance duties in harsh conditions. For these, it’s worth it to compare options. We carry a variety of wire rope hoists, including a double beam trolley, foot mounted hoists, low headroom hoists, and standard headroom hoists. Standard wire rope hoists lose their product range as they approach their capacity limit. At this limit, you’ll need a wire rope winch. Wire rope hoists are smaller and less expensive than winches at lower capacities. This is their main advantage. Our hoists meet or exceed CSA, FEM, and DIN standards and have a proven electric motor with a conical rotor and built-in brake design. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -40C to +40C with humidity from 30%-95%. Finally, they come with a 1-year warranty.

Chain Hoists

Chain Hoist Lift
Chain hoists help allow one person to do the lifting job of several people. If you can attach a load to the load hook, you can lift it with the chain hoist and save a lot of labor. They come with a gearbox and two chains: the load chain for lifting the load and the hand chain for pulling it up. On a large scale, these are often used in factories, for example, to take on and off large loads from conveyor belts. Construction and garages also commonly use chain electric hoists canada for I-beams and H-beams as well as for car engines. We have our BC model for lighter loads and our BY model for heavier ones. They are constructed with a modular design for easy service and maintenance and meet or exceed CSA, FEM, and DIN standards. Custom manufacturing options are available and it is all protected by our 1-year warranty.

Crane Components

We are a few high-quality components for cranes, including block wheels, control equipment, double flange wheels, end trucks, motor reducer groups, and over load limiters. Block wheels are used to help move the crane around the job site. Again, we have a vast range available for different needs. Our control equipment is used to interface with the crane. It comes prefabricated and ready to mount with CSA-approved components. Custom designs are available upon request. We offer a comprehensive line of double flange wheels for in-factory tracks. Taking the load off the bottom permits more advanced capacities, with easier rolling, bottom protection, and control inflow. End trucks carry the hoist and crane up and down the crane runway. Our end trucks are available for 2m medium mode of operation duty according to FEM and DIN standards. They come with heavy-duty box construction and double-flanged wheels. They also come equipped with rail sweepers and bumpers. You can also get quality motor reducer groups and over load limiters with proven designs that exceed industry standards with compact designs for easy service and maintenance.


We customize lifting solutions for your construction, manufacturing, and crane building needs.




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